The Simpluris Team

Troy Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Costa Mesa, CA

In January 2007, Troy Hoffman opened the doors of Simpluris, Inc. with a small team of experts. Within 5 years, Simpluris has become a nationally recognized claims administrator more on Troy...

Marshall Cook
Chief Operating Officer
Orlando, FL

Marshall joined Simpluris in 2008 and leads multiple departments, including Case Management, Business Development & Marketing, Claims Processing, and Customer Service Support. more on Marshall...

Doug Norman
Chief Financial Officer
Costa Mesa, CA

Doug joined Simpluris in 2011, bringing over 20 years of public and private high-technology company experience in finance and administration. He has worked for large industry leaders, small private firms and co-founded a software company. more on Doug...

Krista Tittle
Co-Founder/Case Manager
Dallas, TX

Krista helped open the doors of Simpluris in 2007, bringing her strong work ethic and unmatchable customer service. She has a loyal following of attorneys who look to her for guidance and count on her diligence and commitment to their cases. more on Krista...

Katie Schmidt
Senior Data Analyst/ Data Team Manager
Orlando, FL

From complex ETL data projects to ad hoc SharePoint development, Katie brings a “do whatever it takes” attitude to every challenge always providing a comprehensive and detailed solution. more on Katie...

Angela Hansen
Director of Disbursement
Costa Mesa, CA

Angela joined Simpluris in 2008, and has become an expert in Claim Settlements, taxation matters and complex disbursement calculations. With her team of specialists, she manages hundreds of settlement funds, and all related accounting at any given time. more on Angela...

Denise Islas
Quality Assurance Manager
Costa Mesa, CA

Denise’s primary responsibility is auditing all disbursement calculations prior to issuance of settlement awards to class members. In addition, she fills in for our case managers when they are unavailable. more on Denise...

Eric Springer
Quality Assurance Manager
Orlando, FL

Eric’s primary responsibility is auditing all disbursement calculations prior to issuance of settlement awards to class members. Eric joined in 2009 bringing a strong commitment, astuteness and competency to case management. more on Eric...

Zach Hoffman
Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer
Orlando, FL

Every Simpluris entity with an electrical pulse falls within Zach’s jurisdiction. All technology solution planning and implementation used for our internal organization and external clients is governed by Zach and his team of techies. more on Zach...